Wandaba Style: Complete Collection

SKU: 0702727154928

In search of the next Japanese pop-singing sensation, music executive Hanagata decides to take a chance on four young women named Ayame, Yuri, Sakura, and Himawari. The girls form the group Mix Juice but find little success, as no one notices them or takes them seriously. When a 13-year-old genius named Susomu Tzukumo needs astronauts for his proposed eco-friendly journey to the moon, Hanagata volunteers the girls, thinking this could be Mix Juice's ticket to fame. Though they have no experience as astronauts, they're quite ready for the fame they'll receive if they become the first band to perform on the moon. With stardom and fortune driving them, the girls pack for a trip filled with hilarious adventures--all chronicled in the wacky anime series WANDABA STYLE. This collection presents the series in its entirety.

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