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Viewtiful Joe Original Soundtrack (CD, Geneon Entertainment)

Viewtiful Joe Original Soundtrack (CD, Geneon Entertainment)

SKU: 0013023533523

Life is viewtiful when you're an action superhero! Follow Joe on his mach speed adventures into the magical world of Movieland with the smashing arrangement from the "Viewtiful Joe Original Soundtrack " loaded with a broad range of lively instrumentals from brash charged up guitar riffs to surprisingly beautiful introspective melodic pieces. This 36 track CD is highlighted by the vibrant upbeat vocal theme songs "Brighter Side " "Spirit Awake" and "Wonder " performed by the red hot J Pop group SaGa making this the perfect soundtrack for fans of both the "Viewtiful Joe" video games and TV series. CD includes a bonus song track "Viewtiful World" performed by Viewtiful Joe! 1. Brighter Side (Opening 1) 2. Spirit Awake (Opening 2) 3. And You (Ending 1) 4. Shangri La (Togenkyo) (Ending 3) 5. Mounting the V Watch 6. Fighting Theme Song 7. Training for Ultimate Skills 8. Joe s Theme (Piano Version) 9. Main title from Movie Sound Track (Fanfare) 10. All Mighty Leader Appears 11. All Mighty Leader Abducts Silvia 12. Overhelming Power of the All Might Leader 13. Bloodthirsty 14. Joe s Theme (Cyber Mix) 15. Joe Fascinated by Captain Blue 16. Joe s Determination 17. Joe Masters the Power 18. Appreciation 19. Friendship 20. Exchanges Between the Two 21. Joe s Theme (Jazz Version) 22. Battle A 23. Battle B 24. Showdown 25. Sprocket Arrives 26. Prologue 27. Battle Scene 28. Training in Super Powers B 29. A Private Moment 30. VJ Theme Arranged 31. All Mighty Leader s World of Darkness 32. Joe s Theme (Scratch Mix) 33. Brighter side (English Version) 34. And You (English Version) 35. Spirit Awake (English Version) 36. Viewtiful World

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