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Van Helsing: The London Assignment

Van Helsing: The London Assignment

SKU: 0025192451324

On the winding and fog-enshrouded streets of London, the sinister being known only as Mr. Hyde terrorizes the city in a haunting spree of mayhem and murder. With the populace in a panic, the legendary monster hunter Van Helsing arrives in London on a mission to track down and capture the elusive Mr. Hyde. Starring Hugh Jackman as the voice of Van Helsing, this original animated film will thrill you with cutting edge visuals and non-stop adventure. Experience a Van Helsing adventure that takes place before the events of the blockbuster film!

Bonus Content:

  • Van Helsing "Behind the Screams"
  • Animatic to Animation
  • An Interview with Hugh Jackman
  • The Making of the Van Helsing Game
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