ULTIMATE LIBIDO TP (A) (C: 1-0-0) EROS COMIX (W/A/CA) Tony Libido It's a veritab

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(W/A/CA) Tony Libido

It's a veritable orgy of Libido! This collection features Tony's hilarious (and wildy sexed-up) parody of the Matrix trilogy: The Matrixxx, The Matrixxx: Relubricated and The Matrixxx: Re-Violations!  And, unlike the original, Tony's version gets BETTER with each installment!  Join Nympho, Morphingpenis and Tintitties as they fight against Agent Smut and the evil Semenals!  But make sure to bring a towel...it gets pretty messy on the road to sexual revolution!  Also included in this volume is the classic How to Draw Comics the Eros Way!  Artistic stimulation takes on whole new meanings as Tony and his sexy guides T. and A. show you all the necessary (*ahem*) tools to bring your fantasies to life!  Finally, there's a brand NEW 6-page story: "Tony Libido's Ultimate Women in Prison."  Tony knows how much you love hot women in prison in action, so he's boiled all the best elements of the genre into one, massive big-house blowout.  The individual issues in this great collection are almost sold out, so here's your chance for the ULTIMATE Libido experience!

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