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Tripping the Rift - Season Two DVD

Tripping the Rift - Season Two DVD

SKU: 0013131419696

Tripping the Rift - Season Two

Stephen Root (Actor), Maurice LaMarche (Actor)  Rated: Unrated Format: DVD

Prepare to probe the most moist and sticky cracks of the universe with the intergalactic degenerates of starship Jupiter 43: Captain Chode, sultry Six of One, Whip, Gus, Beast-cow T'Nuk and Unstable A.I Bob. In the second Season of deep space depravity, there are battles in the Bermuda Quadrant a crash landing in Roswell and the infamous mission to unload 10,000 tubes of butt jelly on the gay planet Fabulous Heaven. Throw in some shrunken crews, alternate realities, escaped grandpas, pissed-off Dark Clowns, prison sex, heaven, hell and a high-school reunion, and you've got more freakin' space splooge than your primitive crapball of a planet deserves!

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