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Tribes of Kai Hardcover – September 29, 2015 by Lance HaunRogue (Author), Daren

Tribes of Kai Hardcover – September 29, 2015 by Lance HaunRogue (Author), Daren

SKU: 9781933865706

Tribes of Kai Hardcover – September 29, 2015

by Lance HaunRogue (Author), Daren Bader (Illustrator)

The Mantakai prepare for a ritualistic rite of passage in which a new lord is to be chosen to rule over their five united tribes. The Tribes of Kai is a multi-layered graphic novel about honor, integrity and the trappings of war in which extreme circumstances call for unbridled decisions and finding the strength to cope with them. This is a barbaric and primitive world where the survival of the fittest is put to the test.

Artist Daren Bader and writer Lance HaunRogue bring this world to life with lush detail and an incredible sense of pace, color and lighting. They introduce the Mantakai (Man of Kai), a race of six-limbed, feline/humanoid, anthropomorphic creatures. The dominance of the five individual tribes of Mantakai are threatened by a highly evolved race of reptilian creatures called the Tobognai.

Tribes of Kai is an oversized, full-color hardbound book boasting sixty exciting pages of story. A bonus section includes concept art, pinups by top creators and additional text that delves into character and environmental details, the backstory, and the creation and development process of this, new and original action-filled story.

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