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Transformers - Villains - Ultimate Doom Parts 1-3 (DVD)

Transformers - Villains - Ultimate Doom Parts 1-3 (DVD)

SKU: 0603497004928

Transformers - Villains - Ultimate Doom Parts 1-3 DVD

Frank Welker (Actor), Peter Cullen (Actor), Peter Wallach (Director)  Rated: NR Format: DVD

The Earth is the battleground in an age-old struggle for control over the universe. Ordinary looking planes, cars, and vehicles suddenly transform into mighty robots that wage war with the advanced armory of super technology. It's the Decepticons against the Autobots in a battle for the world's energy supply. With the help of human allies, the Autobots just might be able to keep control away from the power-hungry Decepticons. Featuring Episodes, "The Ultimate Doom, Part 1-3," Megatron plots to bring Cybertron into Earth's orbit and harness the resulting destructive energy. With the help of a human scientist, he plans to use hypnotized humans to assist him. Sparkplug is captured as a guinea pig for the experiment and is the one to press the button bringing Cybertron into Earth Orbit.

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