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The Third: The Girl With the Blue Eye - Vol. 3 - Gravestone (Limited Edition)

The Third: The Girl With the Blue Eye - Vol. 3 - Gravestone (Limited Edition)

SKU: 0742617072826


This limited-edition version of The Third, DVD Vol. 3 includes two exclusive puzzles, featuring artwork from the series, plus a collectible art box that can house all six DVD volumes. The series' third volume will be available in two variations: a standard, disc-only edition and a limited edition that includes two, exclusive puzzles - featuring artwork from the series - plus an art box, designed to house the entire six-volume DVD release. The 24-episode anime, also known as "The Third - Aoi Hitomi no Shoujo," is based upon a popular series of novels and short stories written by Ryou Hoshino and illustrated by Nao Goto. Spanning more than 16 volumes, the original fiction has appeared in Japan's Dragon Magazine since 1999, alongside the serialized novels that inspired the hit Full Metal Panic! and Slayers anime series. Additionally, a manga adaptation of The Third - which is scheduled for a 2008 North American release by TOKYOPOP - ran in Dragon Age magazine, home to the Full Metal Panic!, Slayers and Chrono Crusade manga. One Girl. One Tank. No Problem. The deadly swirling vortex known only as "Gravestone" continues to expand, destroying everything in its path - and Honoka is headed straight toward it! Blissfully unaware of the danger lying ahead, she's busy tracking sand dragons and dealing with an unexpected visitor, Paife. The mysterious, raven-haired beauty has invited herself along, claiming that she's there to help, and Honoka is about to need all the help she can get! Contains episodes 9-12.DVD Features: Scene access, Dolby 5.1 mix for English dialogue, Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo audio for English and Japanese dialogue, English subtitles and English on-screen translations. Plus: Reversible cover, character bios, 12-page color booklet and Right Stuf trailers.

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