Short Sunzen! Volume 1-2 (Spines faded)

Short Sunzen! Volume 1-2 (Spines faded)

SKU: 9781598169379

Spines may be a little faded from exposure to the sun.


Vol.1: Meet Satsuki, a rather rough and mannish girl, who acts more like a gang member than a sweet young lady! When she's not trying to teach people a lesson, she secretly pines for her handsome and cool classmate, Aya. Unfortunately, he sees her as just a friend. But as they spend more time together, their relationship builds and strengthens--will they ever be more than friends?!


Vol.2: Satsuki's a girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Now meet her best friend Aya, another delinquent who'd only pass class if the subject was Satsuki. He's got a huge crush on her, but she has no clue! As they struggle through school, Aya attempts to woo her during a mandatory beach cleanup, poorly-timed study sessions and a wild New Year's bash. Poor Aya! Will he, or Satsuki, ever get a clue?

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