SET of 6 DX WAKFU figures: Yugo,Tristepin,Evangelyne,Amalia,Ruel,Nox + Razortime


COMPLETE SET of 6 DX WAKFU figures - plus parts for a BONUS figure!

These figures have never been taken out of their boxes!
I originally purchased these from Ankama for my own collection, but new figures have stolen my heart (and all my shelf space) so I am letting this set go.  I still love the show though - and supported the recent kickstarter to get it dubbed into other languages!

I consider Wakfu to be a real "Anime" show - it just happens to have been made in France instead of in Japan!


Lot of 6 popular Wakfu figures:
Yugo, Tristepin, Evangelyne, Amalia, Ruel, Nox, + Razortime

These figures are almost never available on ebay, and I have never seen them offered together as a complete set from a seller in the USA before!  Somebody has probably been waiting a long time to find this set - so don't delay too long before buying them.

I do not have another set - there can be only one winner!


Each of the 6 boxes contains parts for a 7th figure.  When assembled, they create the "Razortime Razortemps" Build-A-Figure.

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