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Scrap Heaven (DVD)

Scrap Heaven (DVD)

SKU: 0631595071283

Pharmacist Saki (Chiaki Kuriyama, KILL BILL), timid policeman Shingo (Ryo Case, LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA) and toilet-cleaner Tetsu (Jo Odagiri, AZUMI) find their lives turned upside down when their bus is hijacked by a crazed businessman. When the ride turns violent, the three strangers are forever linked by the incident. Months later, Tetsu talks Shingo into collaborating on a most unique business venture: revenge-for-hire. Anyone with a problem can come to them and they'll take appropriate, vengeful measures. Meanwhile, Saki, disillusioned and increasingly anti-social, also wishes to take out her own revenge on society. Director Lee Sang-Il follows up his critically-acclaimed "69" with this quirky, stylish, angst-filled ode to disaffected youth.

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