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Scarlet Rose #1: I Knew I'd Meet You

Scarlet Rose #1: I Knew I'd Meet You

SKU: 9781629918266

Scarlet Rose #1: I Knew I'd Meet You

Book 1 of 3: Scarlet Rose  | by Patricia Lyfoung | Sep 5, 2017

Maud is quite happy living her simple life with her father and learning the exciting art of sword fighting. But when her father is murdered, Maud is whisked away from the life she knows by her rich and lordly grandfather. He wants to give her a home – on his terms – and help Maud become a real lady. All Maud wants to do is keep on fighting, so that she can have her revenger on her father’s killer.
High adventure and historical fiction come together in a swashbuckling thriller! Swords, vengeance, and a dashing highwayman known as the Fox comprise the key components to The Scarlet Rose, as Maud learns everything she thought she knew about her life wasn’t true, and how to grow and grieve after losing her father. The Scarlet Roseblends exciting, thrilling action with grounded, emotional characterization.

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