Sailor Moon: The Doom Tree Series [VHS]

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Serena meets Alan and Anne, two schoolmates who pass themselves off as brother and sister. Little does Serena know that the couple has a horrible secret--they've been sent by the Negaforce to steal the Earth's energy and feed it to a mysterious "Doom Tree." When Alan and Anne call upon a string of hideous creatures to help them, Sailor Moon and her scouts are called into action... and it turns out to be their biggest and most awesome adventure ever!


Volume 1 Episodes:

  • "The Return of Sailor Moon"
  • "So You Want to Be in Pictures"
  • "A Knight to Remember"
  • "VR Madness"


Volume 2 Episodes:

  • "Detention Doldrums"
  • "Secret Garden"
  • "Treed"


Volume 3 Episodes:

  • "Ray's Day in the Spotlight"
  • "Food Fetish"
  • "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall"


Volume 4 Episodes:

  • "Cherry Blossom Time"
  • "Kindergarten Chaos"
  • "Much Ado About Babysitting"


Not rated, edited, for ages 5 and up. Total running time: 286 minutes.

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