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Princess Raccoon DVD

Princess Raccoon DVD

SKU: 0013023292697

Princess Raccoon DVD

Zhang Ziyi (Actor), Hibari Misora (Actor), Seijun Suzuki (Director)

To lovers of romance, there is nothing unusual in the story of how Amechiyo, an exiled prince, meets the exotic and mysterious girl, Tanuki, in the forest and becomes smitten with her beauty. However, when he discovers she is actually the Princess Raccoon, "usual" takes a holiday, as the unlikely pair fall in love, despite everyone's warnings. When tragedy strikes after the celebration of the Princess's un-birthday, only true love can save her!
Legendary director Seijun Suzuki?s 50-year career reaches a milestone with this surreal musical comedy about love, deception and soda-water rain. Stirring up a broth of Kabuki, opera, animation, and adding dashes of pop culture, theater staging and rap music, Princess Raccoon is an eclectic masterpiece. Starring Zhang Ziyi ("Memoirs of a Geisha", "House of Flying Daggers") in the title role, this enchanting movie celebrates the sheer joy of love and film.

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