Prince Charming Volume 1-3

SKU: 9781569707517

Vol.1: Professor Asahina isn't a very good teacher. Rumor has it that he spends his nights at love hotels with a different partner every night and he has been known to come to class drunk on occasion. When one of his students, Yuasa, finds a film of him having sex with an unknown lady in a love hotel, things get a little sticky. Yuasa promises to help Professor Asahina hunt down the tape and keep his secret safe, but for a price. Yuasa is known to associate with men and has had his eyes on Professor Asahina for a while.


Vol.2: Asahina was a normal teacher until he met Yuasa. After a world-wind romance, Yuasa has moved in and the two are living like newlyweds. But there is trouble in paradise in the form of Yuasa's old friend, Nagai!



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