Pieces of a Spiral Vol. 1,2 (Manga)

SKU: 9781401207472

Pieces of a Spiral Vol. 1,2 (Manga)


DC COMICS(W/A/CA) Tachibana KaimuWritten and illustrated by Tachibana KaimuCMX. Okino (Sakuya) agrees to join Ruki in the arduous search for Imaizumi (Wakyu)! As they cross the barrier between realities, they find themselves in the ancient village where they spent their previous lives studying under their great master Bishu. They observe as Sakuya's farming village loses more and more of its crops to a demonic disease, but Bishu intercedes to eliminate the evil. Meanwhile, Imaizumi observes his own previous life as Wakyu, and how the death of a relative led him to become Bishu's disciple.

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