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Neo Ranga - Lost in the Spectacle (Vol. 2) (DVD)

Neo Ranga - Lost in the Spectacle (Vol. 2) (DVD)

SKU: 0702727042324

When Neo Ranga first appeared in Tokyo, he was on a mission. But this time, he's on display. Suddenly, the mighty monster-god has been reduced to a marketing gimmick.

On the surface, it's all fun, games and greed. But things are not as simple as they seem. While everyone is having fun and making money, criminal forces are working behind the scenes. As corruption runs rampant, the conflict grows. The mystery escalates. And some rather interesting characters - including strange visitors from Barou and a newer, more powerful ASE robot - join in the action. With plot twists, risqué humor, lost innocence (and Ushio's lost swimsuit), Neo Ranga: Lost in the Spectacle is a must-see!

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