Missile Happy Vol. 1,2 (Manga)

SKU: 9781598169324

Missile Happy Vol. 1,2 (Manga)

Manufacturer: Tokyo Pop
Item Code: 1598169327
UPC: 9781598169324
Author: Miki Kiritani
S.R.P.: $9.99
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Introducing a lighthearted and wacky shojo that will appeal to core shojo manga fans! Mikako, our over-zealous heroine, has a sister-complex so strong, she won't settle for just any man to wed her sister. On an undercover investigation to learn more about the newest bachelor, she ends up moving in with him! And thus begins an angsty, hilarious story full of misunderstandings, wackiness, and every other shojo cliche you can think of, including love!

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