Mark Ryden: The Tree Show Hardcover – February 1, 2009 by Holly Meyers (Author),

SKU: 9781931955089

Mark Ryden: The Tree Show Hardcover – February 1, 2009

by Holly Meyers (Author), Mark Ryden  (Artist)


(W/A/CA) Mark Ryden

(A) Mark Ryden
Absorbing Roman poet Ovid's tales of transformation in Metamorphoses and adding his own dash of art-historical figuration and contemporary pop culture, Mark Ryden broaches new terrain with The Tree Show. Arcadian Gothic hints at the nature of this new work, and fans of Ryden will find familiar preoccupations in these new paintings, drawings, and sculptures transposed to new pastures. Ryden combines the arcane with pop-cultural images to make his carefully executed leaps into fantasy.

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