Let's Dance a Waltz Vol. 1,2,3  (Manga)

Let's Dance a Waltz Vol. 1,2,3 (Manga)

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Let's Dance a Waltz Vol. 1,2,3 (Manga)

KODANSHA COMICS(W/A/CA) Natsumi AndoWhen Hime Makimura was young, her mother told her that she could be like a princess someday. Now that Hime is in middle school, overweight and unpopular, life is a cruel disappointment. Tango Minami is a popular high school boy who hides his job as a ballroom dance instructor to maintain his image. But when Tango's mom urges Tango to take Hime as a student, everything gets turned upside down! Will Tango's classmate find out about his embarrassing job? And will Hime find the self-confidence needed to be like a princess on the ballroom floor?
Author: Natsumi Ando

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