Kotobukiya Marvel's Iron Man Mark 42 Artfx Statue 1/6 Scale

Kotobukiya Marvel's Iron Man Mark 42 Artfx Statue 1/6 Scale

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A Kotobukiya Japanese import. This summer one of the most popular Marvel superheroes returns to the silver screen. In the first two Iron Man films as well as the Avengers Robert Downey Jr. has played the perfect Tony Stark and his heroic alter ego Iron Man, with incredible special effects bringing his armored forms to life like never before. Following on the massive global success of the superhero team up movie Marvel is bringing the fans even more armored action with Iron Man 3 this May. Joining the previously announced Mark VII in the Iron Man 3 ARTFX Statue lineup is a new armored suit from the upcoming movie, IRON MAN MARK 42. Now we get a sneak peek at the ultimate powered armor in Stark's Iron Man 3 Mark 42. Similar to the Mark VII, the new version is a sleek machine with overlapping plates and a unique segmented look. Iron Man blasts into action, churning up water beneath him with his thrusters. The dynamic pose catches the superhero leaning back as he fires his repulsor ray from his outstretched right hand, clenching the left for a follow up attack. The Mark 42 is resplendent in metallic red and gold with a subtle new pattern unlike any of the armors before it. This version also comes equipped with an amazing LED light-up feature in his eyes and arc reactor; three settings (Off, Continuous On and triggered by the built-in sound detector) let you choose how and when Iron Man activates for battle. Sculpted by MIC, Iron Man Mark 42 stands 15 Inch tall (1/6th scale) hovering over the lifelike water effect. This pre-painted, snap-fit ARTFX Statue is easy to assemble so you can have your Iron Man on display in no time. Arriving this summer along with the release of the film, the Mark 42 is just the first Iron Man 3 ARTFX statue from Kotobukiya; there are more to follow.

  • A Kotobukiya Japanese import
  • Depicts Iron Man in his latest armor upgrade
  • Stands 15" 'tall in 1:6 scale
  • Equipped LED light feature in eyes and arc reactor
  • Sculpted by MIC

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