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Kingdom of the Winds Vol. 1,2,3, (Manga)

Kingdom of the Winds Vol. 1,2,3, (Manga)

SKU: 9781600092510

Kingdom of the Winds Vol. 1,2,3, (Manga)

Manufacturer: Netcomics
Item Code: 1600092519
UPC: 9781600092510
Author: Kimjin

Against the backdrop of the ancient Kingdom of Koguryeo, the story takes the reader into one of the murkiest periods in Korean history, blending fact with fantasy, the drama and mystique of the ancient land of Koguryeo unfolds. The main plot surrounds the romantic and tragic entanglements of the Kingdom's Royal Family, as Koguryeo's ambitious King bravely takes on his powerful neighbors. From out of this enchanting poetic narrative, an ancient Shakespearean conflict emerges, luring the reader helplessly into a new realm of love, tragedy, courage and cunning. Spirits, demons, and imaginary beings lurk within, for those daring enough to open its pages and submerge themselves into the captivating world of the Kingdom of the Winds.

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