I'll Be Your Slave

I'll Be Your Slave

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Big boss Moriya has his entire company eating out of the palm of his perfectly manicured hand. He has just one problem: where can he find the perfect face for a high-profile ad campaign? In the nick of time, the angelic Ouno appears like a vision on a crowded street. The flawless teen may have the calm grace of an angel, but his perfect body is made for sin! Moriya will do anything to win Ouno's favor and keep him on the job...but will the coverboy sign on the dotted line and surrender his heart?

I'll Be Your Slave tears a page from the rulebook of love and lets a younger man call all of the shots! Powerful executive Moriya turns to quivering jelly when his client, the teen model Ouno, unexpectedly walks into his life. They seem like a match made in heaven...but there are plenty of jealous rivals set to steal Ouno away! Who will end up on top, and who will be crushed by the burden of their deep desire?

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