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HGUC-GUNDAM-0181-NEO-ZEONG-1-144-MDL-KIT-4543112895073  HGUC-GUNDAM-0181-NEO-ZE

HGUC-GUNDAM-0181-NEO-ZEONG-1-144-MDL-KIT-4543112895073 HGUC-GUNDAM-0181-NEO-ZE


The final machine of the antagonist Full Frontal from Gundam Unicorn will be the largest GunPla ever made, standing at approximately 34" tall, rivaling even the massive Perfect Grade series. This massive mobile armor features numerous thrusters and verniers all over its body and also houses the Sinanju (included). The signature propellant tanks can be detached as it appears in the OVA. A double multi-layer system is used to support its gigantic body, which is composed of approximately 560 parts. A custom made stand is included for display. A 1/144 scale bazooka used in episode 6 for Sinanju is also included, as are 55 runners, 2 foil stickers,  2 screw/nuts, 2 acrylic resin fiber pipes and 2 instruction manuals.

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