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Hellsing GN VOL 5,6, (Manga)

Hellsing GN VOL 5,6, (Manga)

SKU: 9781595824981

Hellsing GN VOL 5,6, (Manga)

Manufacturer: Dark Horse
UPC: 9781595824981
Author: Kohta Hirano



One of the best things about Kohta Hirano's sexy apocalypse of warring vampires, Nazis, Catholics, werewolves, and Australian mercenaries is that all the way up to, and possibly through, this final volume, we don't know who's going to win. The streets of London are awash in blood, a zeppelin descends ? la Hindenburg, and six of our favorite characters are locked in face-off fights. It's possible that no one will come away from this crescendo "alive." Of course, we're not sure who's alive or undead at this point. But what's most certain is that London needs babies, because there isn't a civilian soul left alive in this battle to the undeath. Alas, Hellsing, we knew you well.

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