Eureka Seven Volume 2-6, 8-11.

Eureka Seven Volume 2-6, 8-11.

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Vol.2: Renton has joined his idols as a member of the Gekkostate, but he's finding that life on board this legendary ship isn't what he thought it would be. He struggles to fit in among his new teammates, and has to come to grips with the fact that Holland isn't exactly the perfect hero Renton thought he was. He's also subject to harsh lectures from Talho for no apparent reason, and of course, Renton is still trying to find a way to get closer to Eureka and tell her how he feels. From Bones Studio, mecha designs by Shoji Kawamori.


Vol.3: Since Renton's arrival, Eureka's relationship with the Nirvash has been changing. More mysteries await, however, as the Gekko has discovered a mysterious phenomenon called a Coralian. Although she's not really up to the task Eureka goes out in the Nirvash and flies inside. Once inside, she is attacked by a new LFO. Renton, meanwhile, has fallen unconscious, and has a dream about Eureka and the girl she's fighting. But is it really just a dream, or is he somehow connected to Eureka and the Nirvash in this state? Meanwhile, the Gekko has come under fire by the Federation warship Izumok, and the members of Gekkostate will have their hands full escaping from both the warship and the Coralian, especially without the Nirvash to assist them. Winner of Top Honors at the 2006 Tokyo International Anime Fair. From Studio BONES! Mecha designs by Shoji Kawamori, script by Dai Sato.


Vol.4: The key relationship that links Renton, Eureka, and the mecha known as the Nervash falters as the sci-fi adventure Eureka 7 continues. Is Eureka suffering from the after-effects of the Coralian storm, as her military counterpart Anemone is? Or is she upset that Renton's skills as a pilot have blossomed, as he demonstrates in a spectacular flying battle against military raiders? The Coralian also damaged the Gekkostate, and there's little cash on hand for the repairs: Holland declares the crew has entered "Penniless Mode." While they're patching together the ship in an abandoned mine, Renton discovers a mystery about the origins of the Nervash and the other flying mecha. He also establishes a telepathic bond with Eureka that confirms their friendship, but does little to satisfy his romantic fantasies. The filmmakers play these adventures against the comic relationships the crew of the Gekkostate share, and the result is a satisfying blend of excitement and humor.


Vol.5: Eureka Seven 5 contains episodes 19-22. The time has come to fight or die. With Federation forces converging upon the Gekko's hiding place, the crew must scramble to finish repairs and prepare themselves for the inevitable. However, in the midst of the coming tide of violence, a very ill Eureka vanishes into depths of the surrounding caves - taking the Nirvash with her. Morale is at an all time low. With Eureka's condition worsening, Holland's anger is directed at Renton. Without his closest friend, and under Holland's constant abuse Renton decides that it's finally time to grow up, and to leave the Gekko forever... Special Features: Voice Actor Interview, Audio Commentary for Episode 20.


Vol.6: Away from the Gekko, Renton has found a new home with a pair of enigmatic mercenaries: Charles and Ray Beam. And though the duo has opened both their ship and their hearts to Renton, their true agenda will force Renton once again to decide to choose between his new life or his old one. Meanwhile on board the Gekko, Eureka and Holland must come to terms and deal with their contrasting emotions towards Renton. Eureka will her blossoming love, and Holland with his growing hate. Will Eureka's emotions be enough to bring spur search to Renton back to the Gekko? Or will a mysterious pair of mercenaries and a vast military fleet be enough to prevent Renton from discovering where his true home lies?


Vol.8: It comes from deep within the halls of Tresoir, not the sounds of violence, nor the sounds of despair. It is the signaling of a time for change. The Nirvash reacts wildly towards its reconstruction as the Tresoir technicians work diligently to redesign the Nirvash. However the crew will have no choice but to scramble and finish the repairs after the Federation successfully tests a devastating new weapon near the facility. In spite of this rush, the Gekkostate is once again forced to jump into battle due to a chance encounter with the Federation Army and the Type THE END while picking up the Nirvash's new ref-board. Whatever the outcome, these battles are not to be the last for Renton and the rest of the crew as Holland directs the Gekko towards the capital for an all out assault in order to rescue the Vodarac priest, Master Norb.


Vol.9: It has come like a terrible storm, bringing with it the rain of gunfire, and the thunder of explosions. The Gekko has arrived, and it has brought war to Capitol Hill. Determined to rescue Master Norb at all costs, the crew have staged a surprise attack directly at the Federation's heart. However, amidst the death and destruction being rained down upon the Federation forces, Eureka becomes weary of her role in the battle and withdraws with Renton in the Nirvash. And though Master Norb will find safe haven among the crew; Renton will soon discover that his own personal battles must still be fought as Holland reveals to Renton the details of his first true love... his long lost sister. As their internal reflection continues deep within the halls of Tresoir, Dewey begins to rally the people behind his plan, one which will result in the extinction of all Coralians.


Vol.10: On their journey to the Great Wall the Gekko makes a pit stop in an outpost on the borders of the Vordarac holy site. Master Norb has prepares one last challenge for the crew in an attempt to prepare them for the task that lies ahead. What exactly does Norb expect the members of Gekkostate to learn about themselves in a grueling game of soccer? The Gekkostate infiltrates the Vodarac shrine in an attempt to reunite Master Norb and Eureka's predecessor, Sakuya, so that they may guide Eureka and Renton into the Promised Land. A story of a Coralian girl, a young monk and their failed attempt to pass a barrier between worlds is revealed inside the heart of the temple. Outside, the skies are set ablaze as Dewey summons torrents of Scub Coral upon the Vodarac to halt a young couple's journey past the Great Wall. Anemone is dispatched as Holland and the Gekko try to buy the Nirvash desperately needed time so that the Great Wall may finally be breached. Once beyond, what will Eureka and Renton find in the Promised Land?


Vol.11: The Sacrificial King, born to murder ones father in order to quiet the quaking planet. Deweyreveals to Anemone the truth of his childhood and the crown he bore. High above, in the stratosphere, Holland pilots an experimental LFO, the Devilfish, pushing his physical andmental limits to a point near death. Meanwhile, Dominic travels to Warsaw in order to find areplacement pilot for the weakening Anemone. Far beyond the Great Wall, Renton, Eureka andthe stow-away children explore the Promised Land. Storm clouds begin brewing and for betteror worse something is changing in Eureka. As these changes begin to manifest physically awedge is driven between the boy and the girl. The truth held within Stoner s ray-out articlespreads like wild fire, not only amongst the counter-culture but within the military itself. Thefinal clash approaches, out numbered Gekkostate fights on!

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