Earthlight TOKYOPOP manga volume 1,2  Paperback by Stuart Moore

Earthlight TOKYOPOP manga volume 1,2  Paperback by Stuart Moore

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Earthlight TOKYOPOPmanga volume 1,2  Paperback by Stuart Moore


Earthlight Volume 1 Paperback – Bargain Price, October 10, 2006

by Stuart Moore  (Author), Christopher Schons (Author)


(W/A/CA) Stuart Moore

  It's 2068 AD on Earthlight, the first international moon colony, where the high-tech, high-stress setting reflects and magnifies the struggles that parents and teens face today.  Families must forge their own forms of survival and cooperation if they're to succeed in this harsh new world!  


Earthlight manga volume 2  Paperback – July 3, 2007

by Stuart Moore  (Author), Chris Schons (Illustrator)

Earthlight has survived catastrophic accidents, political strife, and clamorous discord. But now the lunar colony faces a deadly threat from the very power satellites that orbit the moon, beaming much-needed energy back to Earth. Terrorists have seized the Power Bases, plunging Earthlight into darkness. Worse, they threaten to burn whole Earth-cities to ashes if their demands aren't met. And for fifteen-year-old Damon Cole, it's a disaster that will strike closer to home than he could have ever imagined.