DearS - (Vol. 1 and 2)

DearS - (Vol. 1 and 2)

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Vol.1: One year ago, an alien spacecraft crashed into Tokyo Bay, leaving the entire crew stranded on Earth with no means of returning home. In no time, the aliens are granted Japanese citizenship and begin participating in a home-stay program with the local people in order to learn all about human culture. When one DearS goes astray and wanders into the life of an ordinary high school student named Takeya, the adventure begins and this DearS is about to learn things they don't teach you in school!


Vol.2: With a plot and tone similar to CHOBITS, DEARS is an anime comedy that combines science fiction and ecchi (playful nudity and sex) elements. After crash-landing in Tokyo, the alien women known as DearS are granted Japanese citizenship and enter into a program to learn human the language and culture. Everyone in the world is fascinated with these interstellar visitors--except Takeya. So of course it is Takeya who discovers Ren, a DearS who has gone missing and is roaming the streets, exhausted and starving. But when he takes Ren home to care for her, she develops an unhealthy attachment to the young man, leading to many embarrassing and humorous situations. In the episodes that comprise DEARS: 2ND CONTACT, VOLUME 2, Ren, Takeya, Miu, and Natsuki all try to adjust to school and life among the DearS.

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