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Dead Or Alive DVD

Dead Or Alive DVD

SKU: 0875707004923

Dead Or Alive

Riki Takeuchi (Actor), Sho Aikawa (Actor), Takashi Miike (Director)

In Tokyo's crime ridden Shinjuku district, emotionally and financially bankrupt Detective Jojima (Show Aikawa) plays referee in a gangland turf war pitting the Japanese Yakuza Mafia against a bloodthirsty band of Chinese immigrant gangsters. But Jojima's obligation to his terminally ill daughter and ruthless Chinese mobster Ryuichi's (Riki Takeuchi) sentimental devotion to his ersatz family of misfit assassins threatens to add their own corpses to the landslide of fresh bodies littering Tokyo. Miike depicts Dead Or Alive's gruesome acts of excess and debasement with shockingly graphic relish.

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