DC Heroclix - Man Of Steel 2 Figure Mini Game

DC Heroclix - Man Of Steel 2 Figure Mini Game

SKU: 0634482709801

Defend Earth as the Man of Steel with this exciting HeroClix Mini-Game Set!

Featuring 2 different figures to add to your HeroClix collection, this HeroClix Mini-Game offers a sneak-peek into all of the spectacular action and adventure with this exciting HeroClix boxed set!

Play as Superman, Jor El, General Zod and more! This Mini-Game has everything the new and established player will need to enjoy mighty HeroClix action! Recreate all of the incredible action from the Man of Steel feature film with your HeroClix games!

The Man of Steel movie HeroClix Mini-Game contains 2 HeroClix figures, an exclusive fold-out game board, quick-start Rules sheet and dice! Also includes exclusive online enhanced content!


  • 1 Superman #101
  • 1 General Zod #106
  • 2 Character cards
  • 1 Full Color Game Board
  • 2 Dice
  • 32 Tokens

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