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Crows Zero (DVD) Shun Oguri (Actor), Kyosuke Yabe (Actor), Takashi Miike

Crows Zero (DVD) Shun Oguri (Actor), Kyosuke Yabe (Actor), Takashi Miike

SKU: 0631595090383

Crows Zero DVD

Shun Oguri (Actor), Kyosuke Yabe (Actor), Takashi Miike (Director)  Rated: Unrated Format: DVD

Raze some hell! There's no such thing as a fair fight! At Suzuran Boy's High School, the students form gangs and fight for control almost everyday. No one has ever managed a total takeover but the closest to it is Tamao Serizawa. Things change when Genji Takiya, a mob boss's son, transfers to the school with the challenge of taking control of it. With a little outside help, he teams up with three of Serizawa's most powerful rivals in a shot to gain power. Roadblocks and tragedy wait along the way and danger is around every corner as the showdown with Serizawa comes to a head. Based on the best-selling manga. Special features include an interview with director Takashi Miike, original trailer.

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