Corpse Princess: The Complete Series DVD

Corpse Princess: The Complete Series DVD

SKU: 0704400096723

Corpse Princess: The Complete Series

Luci Christian (Actor), Aaron Dismuke (Actor), R. Bruce Elliott (Director), Terri Doty (Director) 

Makina Hoshino is already dead, but she can’t let go of this twisted world. She burned to death along with her entire family in a fire started by freaks that wouldn’t stay buried. Makina knows she doesn’t belong among the living, but that won’t stop her from unleashing the full fury of her twin MAC-11 machine guns on the rotting remains of those who refuse to die. She’s hell-bent on filling every empty grave she can find with the monsters that should be six feet under. Makina is a Shikabane Hime – a Corpse Princess – and it’s her job to finish off the undead leftovers haunting the dark corners of a city that used to be safe.

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