Cantarella Vol. 5 and 10

Cantarella Vol. 5 and 10

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Cantarella Vol. 5,10 (2 Manga Books) Paperback – December 1, 2006

by You Higuri (Creator)

"When a pair of seductive eyes comes between Cesare and his brother Juan, the escalating tension between the two finally explodes in a frenzy of rage. Will Juan's sword glisten with Cesare's blood, or will Cesare's spiraling descent into madness lead to a much more gruesome end for his dear brother? Caught between the two blades is Cesare's loyal companion, Chiaro, whose concern for his friend may soon be overwhelmed by his horror at Cesare's ruthlessness..." Vol.5


"Cesare is well on his way to fulfilling his dark destiny, with the help of his newfound power. Seizing control of the French army, he begins the murderous rampage that would be his downfall...but for his loyal friend Chiaro, who can hear the last remaining vestige of Cesare's soul crying out for release..." Vol.10