Can't Win With You Volume 1,2,3 Yaoi Manga Books

Can't Win With You Volume 1,2,3 Yaoi Manga Books

SKU: 9781569708125

Vol.1: Yuuhi-kun didn't really have plans for the land in the mountains that he would eventually inherit from his family. And he never imagined himself the landlord for the elite Shuuiku Academy. But when his brother, a teacher at the invitation only academy, volunteers the use of his inheritance for the elite school's grounds, chaos ensues.


Vol.2: The chaos after the unexpected relocation of Shuuiku Academy is finally starting to settle down. The students have accepted that they are stuck in the middle of nowhere, and landlord and student Yuuhi-kun is getting used his new home and friends. His relationship with Sango, however, is going sour. With the rude interruptions by the three brothers Riku, Umi and Sora, and the general misunderstandings that Yuuhi and Sango manage to accomplish all on their own, things aren't looking too hot for our cute couple.


Vol.3:  In theory, Shuuiku Academy is an elite all-boys school where the future leaders of society are carefully nurtured and molded. In reality, it is a private school in the middle of nowhere where rich kids spend their days playing. Will Yuuhi-kun find a happy ending to his high school career in the grand finale of this popular yaoi series.

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