Banner of the Stars II - Vol. 2 and 3

Banner of the Stars II - Vol. 2 and 3

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Vol.2: Beginning in Imperial Calendar Year 956, BANNER OF THE STARS II continues to chronicle the adventures of Jinto and Lafiel. Now, the Imperial forces have begun an operation known as Operation Hunter that is meant to seek out and destroy any remaining enemy forces. When this operation results in the capture of the planet Lobnas, Jinto and Lafiel go to investigate and find that Lobnas used to be a prison planet. Now that Lobnas has been "liberated", Jinto and Lafiel find themselves with a big problem.


Vol,3: The arrival of Admiral Spoor and the Operation Hunter First Fleet heralds more bad news. One of the remaining fleets of the United Mankind is headed towards Lobnas and the Basroil only has a few hours left to complete its emigration plan. After a furious battle, the Imperials are forced to depart leaving Jinto a captive in the hands of the rebels. Hard decisions will be made and Lafiel will soon come to terms with what is truly important to her. The final installment of Banner of the Stars is at hand.

  • Created by best selling science fiction author - Hiroyuki Morioka
  • Continues the on-going epic Sci-Fi saga of "CREST OF THE STARS" and "BANNER OF THE STARS"
  • Genre: Sci-Fi/Drama
  • Rating: Suggested 13UP
  • Banner of the Stars - Survivors will also contain "Passage of the Stars - Birth" OVA
  • Animated by Sunrise Studios (Cowboy Bebop, Escaflowne, Gasaraki)
  • "Passage of the Stars - Birth"
  • This special OVA reflects on Lafiels childhood, how her parents met, and the circumstances leading up to her birth.


DVD Features:

  • Interactive Animated Menus
  • Reversible DVD Cover
  • English/Japanese Language
  • English Subtitles option
  • DVD Extra:
  • Bonus Episode!
  • Production Art Gallery
  • Newsletter of the Stars
  • Special Reversible Cover

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