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The Princess Blade (Special Edition) DVD

The Princess Blade (Special Edition) DVD

SKU: 0875707004893

The Princess Blade (Special Edition) DVD

Yumiko Shaku (Actor), Shinsuke Sato (Director) 

Born and bred an assassin, Yuki is a lethal beauty with a deadly sword. When her life is ripped from her in a horrific act of betrayal, she must run for her life from the ruthless killers she once considered family. As her former comrades close in, her only ally is Takashi, a member of a terrorist organization who has dedicated his life to the destruction of everything Yuki once stood for. Bloodshed reigns as Yuki tries to carve a delicate future out of her tumultuous past.
Featuring eye-shattering action sequences choreographed by Donnie Yen (IpMan), The Princess Blade is a stunning sci-fi martial arts thriller!

This Brand new special edition features a 16:9 anamorphic wide-screen transfer, the Japanese language, English sub-titled version, and the English dub!

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