The Creator Chronicles: Joe Jusko

The Creator Chronicles: Joe Jusko

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For decades, the creators of the most successful and popular characters and stories in comics have toiled in virtual obscurity. While their creations have gone on to become world-famous, most of these creators are largely unknown, and outside of the occasional convention appearance, rarely seen. Many of their characters and stories have gone on to become the successful television cartoons and movies that we love today.

Woodcrest Productions is at last pulling back the curtain and revealing these amazing creators in a new series of documentaries about comic book creators. Featuring exclusive interviews with some of the biggest names in comics, The Creator Chronicles profiles creators via in-depth, one-on-one video interviews, told by the creator in their own words.

Covering all aspects of their journey, from humble beginnings, to fascinating stories from inside the biz , to insight into their creative process, through their struggles and career achievements, The Creator Chronicles provides a fresh approach compared to traditional interviews, presenting the creator in a unique and personal way.

In addition, many of the DVD s feature great extras such as art tutorials, convention panel appearances, mini-documentaries, and more!

The Creator Chronicles has already covered such comics legends as Michael Golden, George Pérez, Joe Jusko, Matt Wagner, Bill Sienkiewicz, Al Feldstein, Joe Sinnott, and Dick Giordano!

Joe Jusko is a renowned comic and fantasy artist/painter, widely known for his detailed, realistic depictions of comic book characters, barbarians, and lush jungle settings, often with women and big cats.

In the first part of this special DVD, Joe sits down with us to talk about his prolific 30 year career in comics and fantasy art. We cover his entire career, from his start with Heavy Metal, to his Savage Sword of Conan covers, to his groundbreaking work on the Marvel Masterpieces and Edgar Rice Borroughs painted card sets, and to the amazing fully-painted Vampirella and Tomb Raider comics.

Then, for the first and only time on camera, Joe gives an amazing tutorial as he paints an entire piece from start to finish! Originally recorded over 5 days, this fascinating look into Joe s creative process features 2 audio tracks and a wealth of information including how to handle skin tones, realistic lighting, making organic details such as hair look right, as well as numerous tips and techniques on everything from how to make textures, to close-up detail work, to using shadows to heighten realism.

This video shows his entire process, from sketch to final painting, and it is an absolute master class from one of the very best to ever pick up a brush.


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