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Squid Girl TV Series Part 2

Squid Girl TV Series Part 2

SKU: 0631595111873

The all-powerful invertebrate invader from the deep faces off
against Nagisa, the one living thing on earth that is actually
afraid of her! Can Squid Girl manage to lose against the only
person she has an advantage over?
Nagisa s polar opposite is Sanae, a girl who has an unhealthy
obsession with Squid Girl. Is she willing to overcome the odds
to get Squid Girl to fall in love with her, or does she actually
enjoy her daily beatings from a swarm of tentacles?
All this, and Squid Girl powers up with a new super ability!
That s right, now she can ... uh ... flap those little head-flappy
things. Well, it s sure to be the ultimate technique when she
faces off against the final enemy ... if there were a final enemy!

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