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Sonic X: Chaos and Shadow Sagas (DVD)

Sonic X: Chaos and Shadow Sagas (DVD)

SKU: 0704400079597

Sonic X: Chaos and Shadow Sagas

Jason Griffith (Actor), Dan Green (Actor)  Rated: Unrated Format: DVD

Features 2 great Sonic Adventures: Chaos Saga and Shadow Saga.

Chaos Saga

  • Eggman's newest fiend, the Chaos Emerald absorbing Chaos, is growing stronger and more powerful. And its up to Sonic and Knuckles to stop this menace before they destroy Station Square.

    Shadow Saga

  • Who or what is Shadow the Hedgehog? Eggman discovers the secret lab of his grandfather, Professor Gerald. Freeing the sleeping Shadow, Eggman uncovers his grandfather's plan to destroy the world!
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