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Slaine: The Finians Paperback – January 6, 2004 by Ian Sturrock (Author)

Slaine: The Finians Paperback – January 6, 2004 by Ian Sturrock (Author)

SKU: 9781904577805

Slaine: The Finians Paperback – January 6, 2004

by Ian Sturrock (Author)

The Finians are a somewhat mysterious tribe, not so much due to deliberate efforts at obfuscation as in the case of the Tribe of the Shadows, but simply because of their geographic isolation in Alba to the far north of Tir Nan Og. What the other tribes know of them for certain is that the Finians are as fierce and valiant in battle as even the Sessair. This mighty Alban tribe is also noted for the dourness of its members and their relative indifference to what the other tribes regard as the essentials of life, such as fodder, fire, flax, and frigg (as Slaine puts it). It is said that a Finian warrior could last a month without food, or a winter without a fire, or a year without clothes, or a week without loving a woman, such is his astonishing fortitude. For this reason the Finians are also known as the Tribe that Endures. The Finians would sooner starve to the last man, woman and child than give in. The Fianna, tribal elite of the Finians, are often warped warriors either by virtue of race or the Blood of Heroes feat. Experts in guerilla warfare as well as open fight, the Fianna are a major reason for the Finians' reputation in combat.

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