SAMURAI 7 GN VOL 1,2 Manga Books DEL REY MANGA (W/A/CA) Mitzutaka Suhou (W) A


SAMURAI 7 GN VOL 1,2  Manga Books 

(W/A/CA) Mitzutaka Suhou
(W) Akira Kurosawa (A) Mizutaka Suhuo
A futuristic take on the classic Kurosawa film, Samurai 7 imagines a world at the end of a massive war. Many villages are being terrorized by the Nobuseri, who are no normal bandits. They were once men, but during the war they were surgically modified to become living weapons and now are more machine than man. One village has hired seven samurai to protect them. An eclectic group of heroes, the seven samurai are all that stands between the village and certain death.

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