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Lot of 4 (DVD) Saiyuki Reload Vol.1, 3, 4, and Gunlock Vol.1

Lot of 4 (DVD) Saiyuki Reload Vol.1, 3, 4, and Gunlock Vol.1

SKU: 0013023244191

Gunlock is not in shrink-wrap

Vol.1: The legendary Sanzo group continues on the path to saving the world from the revival of Gyumaoh and his demons. As they travel, Goku, Gojyo, Hakkai and Sanzo use their tremendous powers to restore peace to Shangri-la. However, there are many who wish for the victory of the dark side . . .


Vol.3: One day, Lirin meets tow brothers who leave offerings at a small shrine hoping to see their late mother. That night, their mother appears before them and tells the overjoyed brothers to obtain Sarizo's scripture, which will bring her back to life. IN the meantime, having become separated from the others, Goku becomes lost in a forest and is helped by a girl. She takes him home to give him a meal but he senses and odd feeling from her parents. Have the demons roped in these innocent children to acquire Sanzo's scriptures?


Vol.4: Kougaiji feels frustrated at repeatedly failing to obtain the scriptures, as well as not yet being able to save his mother, so Jenyi gives him a bracelet, supposedly forbidden to be used, that makes him stronger and faster. With it, Kougaiji challenges the Sanzo party-and they are no match for him at all. However, strange side effects of this newfound power begin to change Kougaiji's body. Worried, Dokugakuji brings an unconscious Kougaiji to Houtou Castle, where Jenyi welcomes them with a fearless smile?


Gunlock: The epic journey westward by Sanzo, Goku, Gojyo and Hakkai continues! In this first volume, the group must face some of their most deadly challenges yet! A peaceful temple hides a corrupt secret; will Sanzo fall victim to the deadly truth? After that, a den full of disgruntled bears is on the hunt, and Sanzo and the others just happen to be in the crosshairs. To top it off, the group must cross an impassable river, see through deadly illusions and a newly unstoppable Kougaiji is waiting for them. Will they ever make any progress on their journey?

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