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Red Green Talks Cars: A Love Story Paperback – April 24, 2003 by Steve Smith  (A

Red Green Talks Cars: A Love Story Paperback – April 24, 2003 by Steve Smith (A

SKU: 9780771573989

Red Green Talks Cars: A Love Story Paperback – April 24, 2003

by Steve Smith  (Author), Rick Green (Author)


Red Green, Dougie Franklin, Bill, Harold and the rest of the lodge members have gathered to talk cars.

QUICK Driving Tip

No matter how lonely you are, never carry flares in your pants pocket.

The Possum fraternity is here and eager to share hard-won wisdome about this basic life-support system. Red and Harold can help you deal with everything from those bad sounds your car's been known to make to "7 Kinds of Smoke — and What They Mean." Dougie Franklin reveals all he knows about safe driving techniques, and Bill shows you how to theft-proof your car.

Red, Arnie Dogan, Winston Rothschild and Mike Hammar take a detour down a memory lane lined with memorable cars. Lodge members offer practical tips on what to do if your car won't start, doing your own car maintenance and how to make your car go faster. (They also provide helpful suggestions in case the cops pull you over.)

Handyman projects include turning your car into a tank, a fire engine or a jet-powered vehicle, and used for leftover car engines or hoods. And those lucky enough to ride with you can benefit from advice on How to Be a Good Passenger (or How to Hitchhike). Meanwhile, the Car Buffs tackle the question, "What was the best car ever made?"

Finally — men talk about what moves them.

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