Out of the Forests: The Art of Paul Bonner Hardcover – February 5, 2008 by Paul

SKU: 9781845767051

Out of the Forests: The Art of Paul Bonner Hardcover – February 5, 2008

by Paul Bonner  (Illustrator)

Barely contained within this book is the high octane work of Paul Bonner, an intrepid artist able to vividly recall in paints his visits to Valhalla, the blasted future, and sundry haunted and ravaged stopping off points in between.

Here you will find over 150 of Paul's vibrant and compelling full colour paintings, along with numerous character studies and sketches, produced by the artist over the last twenty-five years for the biggest names in fantasy role playing, such as Games Workshop, Mutant Chronicles, Fasa, Riot Minds and Rackham.

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