Foxy Lady Volume 1-3

Foxy Lady Volume 1-3

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Vol.1: Jin Mikasa is heir to the Mikasa shrine, training to become a shrine priest one day. But like normal high-school boys, he about the opposite sex. One day, a cute girl--no, a cute demon fox girl--rolls into his place. She is Kogane, a half-demon, half-human fox girl who came to the human world to fulfill her dream, which is to become a full human. In order to do that, she must be united with an heir to a shrine. Is Kogane the dream girl Jin wished for? Until he can find out, Kogane will stay with Jin in the human world. Thus begin Jin's funny adventures with the fox girl Kogane.


Vol.2: Foxy Lady Volume 2 features story and art by Ayun Tachibana.After Jin accidentally returns to the human world before completing his test, Kanoto volunteers everyone to help Jin. Is Jin willing to risk everyone's lives just to pass the test? Meanwhile Kogane is struggling with her studies so Jin offers to help but will it be enough when Kanoto creates a major distraction? And if that wasn't enough drama, Kogane and Sogo are getting pretty close and go on a date! Will this lead to love?


Vol.3: Kogane is frustrated that Jin won't look her way, so after losing patience, she goes on a date with Sogo, an heir to a shrine, but Kogane finds the human world is scarier than she expected!

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