FLOWERS AND BEES TP VOL 2,3,4,5,7 Manga (5 Books) VIZ LLC by Moyoco Anno From Ha

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FLOWERS AND BEES TP VOL 2,3,4,5,7 Manga (5 Books)


by Moyoco Anno
From Happy Mania's Moyoco Anno! "Bishonen‚" are the beautiful boys that overpopulate shojo manga. Flowers & Bees is the manga that makes men out of beautiful men. Stripped, blindfolded, and bound to a chair by cruel dominatrices/salon proprietors Kiyoko and Harumi, the helpless teenaged Komatsu is told that he is to be transformed into a chosen flower for they, who seek honey. But this chatroom made flesh proves not so much Komatsu's metrosexual awakening, as his stumbling around town half-asleep. He should feel more confident now, after this first experience, yet he finds what really matters to women are more the simple things, like money. And now Kiyoko and Harumi insist on accompanying him to clubs, outings, and such, to, you know, help him mack on people his own size. Strangely enough this not only fails to see Komatsu score, but he does get to witness the new improved humiliation of seeing a cute girl on the arm of his butt-ugly bud, the utterly self-assured Yamada. Wait a minute - did he lose his virginity in that chair, or didn't he? How can he not know? He can't handle the truth - which is kind of a shame, seeing as how he gets it. NOTE: Not available outside the U.S. and Canada.

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