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Date A Live, Vol. 1-8 (novel) Paperback March 23, 202

Date A Live, Vol. 1-8 (novel) Paperback March 23, 202

SKU: 9781975319915

Date A Live, Vol. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 (novel): Dead-End Tohka Paperback – March 23, 2021

by Koushi Tachibana (Author), Tsunako (Artist)

A little meet-cute in a decimated cityApril 10. The first day of school. Shido Itsuka is rudely awoken by his personal alarm clock—his little sister. It’s shaping up to be another typical day…well, as typical as it gets on a planet plagued by massive spatial quakes. Little does Shido know, however, his life is about to take a sudden turn when he encounters the source of this destructive phenomenon—a girl his age, apparently known as a Spirit. Turns out, there are only two ways he can stop her from unleashing hell on the world: Eliminate her by force or placate her…by taking her out on a date and making her fall in love with him!

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