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Chocolat Vol. 1,4,8 (Manga)

Chocolat Vol. 1,4,8 (Manga)

SKU: 9780316229098
CHOCOLAT GN Vol. 1,4,8, (3 ENGLISH Manga)
(W/A/CA) Geo, Ji-Sang Shin
Final volume! Kum-Ji takes pity on E-Soh and tells him where her heart truly lies. But speaking candidly with E-Soh doesn't automatically give her an opening to grow closer to E-Wan. Just when she decides that it's time for her to stop clinging to her fantasies and come back to reality, the band gets in a terrible accident. Some of the members are hurt badly, and there are fears that the band may not be able to carry on. Kum-Ji wants desperately to help her friends, but what can one girl do?
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