CAT PARADISE GN VOL 4,5 YEN PRESS, (Manga) (2 Books)

CAT PARADISE GN VOL 4,5 YEN PRESS, (Manga) (2 Books)

SKU: 9780316077361

CAT PARADISE GN VOL 4,5 YEN PRESS, (Manga) (2 Books) 

Paperback – May 18, 2010

by Yuji Iwahara  (Creator)

The fur will fly as the battle frenzy above Matabi Academy ensues!

As the skies over Matabi Academy are rent apart and a pathway to the heart of the barrier of Futakago is opened, Kaen and the Spirit Beasts set upon the Princess and Shirayuki to exact their long-anticipated vengeance! While Kamio and Yamamoto fly to the princess's defense, the Matabi Academy student council pairs left behind prepare for the inevitable battle that lies before (and above) them. And both Yumi and Kansuke have no choice but to face the truth of their mutual past - and their doubts and fears - head-on in order to be effective players in the fight for Akifuji-senpai's soul, the safety of the campus, and the survival of all mankind!

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