Blue Sheep Reverie Volume 4 and 5

Blue Sheep Reverie Volume 4 and 5

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Vol.4: It's the final showdown between Lahti and and his sister Maria, as they struggle for dominance in their post apocalyptic world. Kei is still caught between the two that he loves, but the time for making a clear choice is at hand. Will he choose Lahti, and can they thwart the plans Maria and the opposing faction have laid? Or will Maria win him over, and use him to take control of the city known as Dawn over her brother's dead body? The exciting conclusion to this sci-fi fantasy is here at last!


Vol.5: With the city streets of Akatsuki still running with blood, Kai and Lahti continue to fight together to bring order and uneasy peace. The two men's bond is deeper than ever before, but will forces from the past continue to disrupt their future and destroy the city in the throes of the love/hate personal relationship with the pair? It's Volume 5 of the ever-popular Makaoto Tateno's action-packed, sci-fi fan-favorite, and the stakes have never been higher!

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